Problem solving with 8D reports



Problem solving with 8D reports


We got a feedback from the customer that there is a tube with material missing from 10,000pcs. As soon as we got the news, we had a meeting to discuss it according to 8D ways.

D0: Confirming the problem and using 8D way

D1: Set up the 8D team (consist of Engineer and QC, Purchasing, G.M., Sales)

D2: Describe the issue by 5W2H

D3: Apologize to the customer and will replace the tube together with next shipment

D4: Find the reason. The material for extrusion is not cleaned enough.

D5: Make the working instruction for the tubes’ cleaning and increase the inspection.

D6: We have a new order now. And the production is according to the planned instructions.

D7: Doing 100% Inspection to check whether the ways are right or not.

D8: There is no tube failed in 100% inspection. The solving way is good. Thanks everyone.

The customer is very happy about our fast responding and effective working ways.

As a famous solving way, 8D is very helpful for our working. And by the circulation of this PDCA(Plan-Do-Check-Act), Wotech can be the reliable IATF 16949 supplier for the customers.