Quality management

Our professional engineering department gives great support on process analysis, drawing design, quality assurance and inspection. Continuously supervising, verifying and modifying production parameter is the lifeline of project-running. Multi-channel of experience accumulation makes difficult technical problems readily solved.

what we do at WOTECH is to set up an Engineering Group according toeparate project, to do production engineering and pre-scheming, which enables us to do our job in a more comprehensive and perfect manner:

— Quickly grasp the latest technology and pinpoint customer demand orientation.

— Well acquainted with material standard and material characteristics, with different emphasis on different foundry process so as to choose the most reliable material and most optimizing production process for individual demands.

— Set up International Standard Tracking System to locate the latest standard and produce parts exactly according to applicable domestic standards and international standards.

— Comprehensive experience in production enables us to optimize framework design, decrease the difficulty index and get stable and quality parts and components.

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