Inspection and shipping service

It is always a rush time before Spring Festival Holiday.

Factories worked day and night to finish the orders. So the container is hot before the Holiday.

Shipping cost for 1 x 20Ft contianer to Hamburg is around $2200 and 1 x 40Ft container is around $2700. Absolutely, 40Ft container is a very good choice to ship the parts.


The customer in Germany had a plan to arrange 1 x 20Ft container before holiday and 1 x 20Ft container after holiday. I am glad that we catched 40 Ft container in the end instead of sending 1x 20Ft container first and send another 20Ft container later.

And the customer saved $1700 by our hard work.


It was just like a war in last weeks. The factory worked day and night to finish the goods. And the driver was waiting in the factory to send us the goods what they got everyday

We did the inspection without a second delay when the goods arrived.

(QC do the inspection, all the others in Wotech do the packing opening and re-packing. )

It was really a big work as the part is not small for inspection.(#^.^#)


The service of Inspection and shipping is not a word. It is the thing what we did.


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