Welded assembly parts



Welded assembly parts


We’re producing nearly 100 kinds of welding parts to one of our customer now, the parts are used for railway, the biggest one is 1286mm, they have different surface treatment requirement, such as painting, passivation, anodizing and electrophoresis. The raw materials are covered aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel.

And nearly all of these parts are assembled parts, it covers different production process, such as bending, stamping, laser cutting, machining and welding.


We’re IATF16949 certificated factory, we can do machining, laser cutting, bending and welding by ourselves, so we have much advantage to produce this kind of parts.


In the shipping process, we protect the parts with PE foam to prvent damage the surface in the shipping process, and we also could provide OEM packing cartons with logo or printing for our customers.