Black Cataphoresis Surface Treatment



Black Cataphoresis Surface Treatment


The black cataphoresis surface treatment process is a commonly used surface treatment method for metal products. This process can provide metal products with a durable, beautiful and elegant black appearance.


1. Cleaning: Clean metal products to remove oil, dust and other impurities on the surface.

2. Pretreatment: Apply a uniform chemical reaction film on the surface of the cleaned metal products to enhance adhesion.

3. Cataphoresis coating: The metal products are suspended in the cataphoresis tank and painted through the cataphoresis process.

4. Curing: After cataphoresis coating, the metal products are sent to a curing furnace for high-temperature curing treatment to ensure stable adhesion of the coating.

We have rich experience on the cataphoresis surface treatment, and the cataphoresis surface treatment are widely used in the field of auto parts, such as body parts, engine parts, etc., which can improve product quality and durability.