First Customer Visit in Year 2024



First Customer Visit in Year 2024


With the joyful of New Year, most of our customers have come back to work from the holiday, and today we have a first customer visiting in year 2024.


This is our new customer, they’re very interested in our quotation, especially the sheet metal and welding items.

Once they finish holiday, they fly from US to visit us.


From the visiting today, they’re very satisfied with our factory, we’re IATF16949 certificated, with 7500production plant, could produce sheet metal, machining and welding parts in house, and they’re satisfied with our management in production process.


Following is the picture of the documents on the production site:


We’re very happy to receive recognition and praise from our customer.

And customer would like to develop a sheet metal project for truck with us, the total amount of the project is half a million US dollars.


It’s a good start of Year 2024!