Visit European Customers



Visit European Customers


It has been a long time couldn’t see our customers face to face, for the old customers that we have cooperated many years, they’re not only our customers, but our friends; we miss each other very much. So we arranged European visiting for 2 weeks.


In week 16, we will visit our customers in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

They’re in the business of Industrial, Animals feeding and Bicycle files.

We will discuss current orders, matters and forecast orders.


In last two years, we had a big growth from 3 sets machining equipment to 61 sets equipment, include 36 sets machining equipment, 4 sets mechanical arm, 2 sets welding robot and one laser cutting machine, except machining, we also can produce laser cutting and welding parts in house now.


If you’re in Europe and would like to learn more about us, please feel free to contact.