Lamp Accessory




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Lamp Accessory

Process :       Atamping      

Unit weight :    50g

MOQ :             1000pcs    

Application :    Industry   
Certifcation :   ISO9001

Product Details

1.  Technology Introduction

(1) Technology Introduction

Stamping is a process about sheet metal forming. It is about producing the parts as required dimensions and shapes by applied force to the sheet or pipe by punching machine and the mold.

 (2)  Process Parameters

Tolerance:GB/T 15055-m


Stamping Equipment:

CNC stamping/punching machine, CNC bending machine, CNC cutting machine, 5~250 tons punching machines, welding machine, polishing machines, etc

Surface treatment:

brushed, polished, painting, powder coating, anodizing, Zinc plating

 (3) Material Introduction

 Aluminum sheet, copper sheet, brass sheet and steel sheet or as per customer’s drawing

 2.  Product Introduction

This is a hitch cover. The material is steel and surface treatment is black powder coating.

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