Small Casting Housing




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Small Casting Housing

Name:           Small Casting Housing

Process:       Die Casting

Unit weight:   140g

MOQ :            2000 pieces

Application :   Valve hat used in boat

Certification : ISO9001, TS16949, ROHS Certificate

Product Details

1.  Technology 

(1) Technology Introduction

Die casting can produce complex shape, clear outline, thin-walled deep cavity metal parts: because of the molten metal under high pressure high speed Maintain a high liquidity,Therefore can obtain other process method is difficult to machining metal parts.    

(2)  Process Parameters

Weight: 1g-10kg

Thickness: ≥1.5mm

Size: MAX 800mmX600mm

 (3) Material Introduction

Zinc ally (zamak 3, zamak 5, etc),

Aluminum ally(A380, ADC12, ADC10, ZL102, etc)

2.  Product Introduction

Material: A380

Surface treatment: Clean+de-burr

This part is used as a valve hat which assembled on boat. It is being selling in America.

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