New die casting parts

These are our new die casting products made by ADC12 material. Surface treatment for these two parts is black E-coat.

Successful IATF audit for $1.3 million forging auto parts order

Successful IATF audit for $1.3 million forging auto parts order

Visiting for European customers

Wotech has visiting schedule for the customers from Europe and North America every year.

Die casting case shipment

Wotech is cooperating with many customers that are in the business of industrial, agriculture machinery, petroleum, medical equipment, lighting etc. fields for more than 10 years.

Sleeve ring

There are kinds of sizes in production. The outer diameter differ from 400mm-1102mm and the precision will be 0.03mm. To guarantee the quality, all of the part will be 100% inspected by CMM.

Aluminum forging customer visiting

Europe OEM aluminum forging products

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