Culture & History

2006-2010(1st five years):

n 2006: Wotech SRL China Sourcing office (the Predecessor of Wotech industrial Co., Ltd.)was established engaging in China Supplier auditing, order processing and quality control.

In 2007: Wotech Industrial Co., Ltd was established specialized in OEM/ODM engineering auto parts. The founder of the company Mr.Howald qian, (engineer majored in mechanics) started the very first business for European and US market.

In 2010: Our engineering department was set up. Since then, we have acted as an important designing assistant office independent from customers’ R&D department.

2011-2015 (2nd five years):

In 2011: ERP system established and sales, warehousing, engineering integrated.

In 2012: Business flow was established, quality management became effective, marking the second milestone in the development history of the company. Active marketing was initiated in the year.

In 2013: ISO9001 (2008) quality system is certified and approved by CNAS/IAF.

In 2014: Company expansive 3 times than before. Engineering department was enhanced. We are able to provide technical support in terms of the following technique:            
Production Engineering (R&D):/            
Product-Quality Preliminary Engineering (APQP)            
Production Processes Guarantee System (QA)            
Independent inspection and quality control aside from workshop’s quality department (QC)

In 2015: RP system upgraded again. The collaboration between sales, production, engineering, quality control was optimized. Work efficiency was extensively improved.

2016-2020(3rd five years): to be continued……

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