Culture & History

· Mission

One-Stop shopping for Customized Engineered Product To be First Class OEM/ODM Casting/Forging/Machining/Spinning expert.

· Value &Strategy


Casting/Forging/Machining/Spinning Specialist Stable and Progressively improved quality On time delivery,
Perfect ODM&OEM Solution Innovation,
Flexibility, and a big 'S' for service Trustworthiness,
Safety and Reliability for Partners.


We continuously innovate and conduct ourselves as a highly trustworthy specialized supplier.                    
We highly value the creative and hard work of all our team members.                    
We aim to become the most excellent specialized supplier in the field.                    
We aim to strive for satisfactory products in conform to QCDS. (Quality-Cost-Delivery-Services)

· Quality Assurance

Product-Quality Preliminary Engineering (APQP) Production Processes Guarantee System (QA) Independent inspection and quality control aside from workshop’s quality department (QC)

· Core Competence


S: big S for Services                    
M: Mutual benefits for our partners                    
A: Ability of Flexibility and Innovation                    
R: Rapid Response and decision making                    
T: Teamwork Sprits

Wotech Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address: Art&Technology Space A-807, Haier Road No.63, Qingdao 266061 China , China
Tel: 0086-532-88996981;0086-532-67731577/67731533 Fax: 0086-532-88966781
E-mail: info@wo-tech.com.cn,vivian@wo-tech.com.cn
Website www.wo-tech.com.cn


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