Inspection for the hole with 0.001’’ tolerance

Here is our new turning part with yellow zinc plating. There is a strict tolerance 0.001’’ requirement on the inner hole. As our tolerance is 0.01mm, so it is easy to go with 0.001’’ as customer needed.


To keep the quality, we raise the inspection to senior level. Also we prepared different gauges for the complete inspection. CMM and micrometer tests are essential for the sizes measurement. But it is hard to do CMM and micrometer for many parts. So the Go & No-go gauge will play a very important role in the batch inspection.


As requested from ISO9001 and IATF16949, all the gauges must be calibrated by qualified person. So we did the calibration first, then check the inner hole by the Go & No-go Gauge during the production. For double check, we will use CMM and micrometer for random test.


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