CNC Lathe CK5156

In order to reducing the cost for our customers, Qingdao Surely Machinery was established in 2017 as a sister of Wotech Industrial Co.,Ltd


In June-2020, with total investments of $500,000 from WOTECH, we re-incorporated into a machining factory. Our Factory are now equipped with the most advanced CNC machine and CNC lathe machines.


CNC lathes are computerized versions that can create highly detailed work.

Designs for finished pieces are developed using CAD software, which analyzes the piece and creates a set of detailed instructions for the computerized lathe to follow. This is hugely beneficial when a large number of items need to be made to exact specifications, or when the design is especially complex and detailed. CNC automation also saves time during many manufacturing processes, especially as part of a larger automated system.

What Do Lathes Make?

Lathes are useful for making all kinds of products and parts, particularly anything that is shaped as a cylinder or sphere. They can create furniture pieces, such as table legs and chair backs, baseball, and softball bats, wooden or metal pen bodies, decorative bowls and cups, lamps, chess pieces and more. Industrial lathes make parts for cars such as brake drums, and when you have your brake rotors machined, that’s also done on a lathe. Replacement parts for machines and engines can be lathed, especially with a combination of other tools. Whether they’re being used by a hobbyist or a professional as part of a small workshop or large metal shop, today’s lathes are powerful tools that find a wide range of uses in the hands of skilled operators and craftsmen.


The specification of our CNC Lathe CK6156 is as following:

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