The American business trip ended successfully!

Our General manager finished the business trip and come back to China this week. We got a big success during this trip. 

For old customers, we get yearly order for 2019. For new customers, we built very good relationship and get new orders. 

We visited 14 company located in different area of America. Our main business is OEM casting, stamping and spinning parts. Our projects covered auto area, industry area and medical equipment area. 

For the after sales services,we concentrate on the following aspects:

-To visit end-users to listen to their comments while offering them our professional suggestions on how to lower their purchasing cost and improve their fund efficiency.

-We also assist our customers in other necessary activities  such as forecasting, lead time reduction, cash flow improvement planning, and supplier consolidation.

-Stock management: How to manage our customer's inventory in our China warehouse saving their space, time, and money. Whether they have a special blueprint part or products that has assembled in preparation for your use, they will always be on our warehouse shelf for your immediate release.Benefits of our inventory management services include having your company's products available year-round, in-house quality inspection, and in-house value-added services such as sub-assembly, kitting, and customs packaging.

Here are some photos of our customer factory.

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